Allergen awareness is becoming the most crucial issue in the food industry. Progressive food manufacturers are taking active steps to prevent cross contamination. The reasons are simple: 1) Over 6 million people in the United States are sensitive to food allergens 2) Allergen cross-contamination in the food industry is the number one reason for food recalls 3) Allergens are a key focus for FDA inspections in the coming years.


An allergen control program is a systematic method for identifying and controlling allergens in a processing facility, from the incoming ingredients until the final product leaves the truck. Allergens must be identifiable. Use clearly marked storage containers, keep allergens separate, reserve containers for allergen use only, and have a dedicated storage area for allergens. Using brightly colored "allergen" labels on all raw materials alerts all manufacturers to liability.


Helping every employee quickly identify the allergens that are in ingredients, formulas and re-worked material, is a key component in preventing MISUSE.


AL-AWARE® labels are designed to help you educate every employee when they are handling an allergen. They also…


•  Prevent misuse of allergenic ingredients


•  Enhance recognition from a distance by having each label uniquely

   designed with a separate Color-Code combined and unique Symbol


•  Help overcome language barriers in a diverse workforce by the use

   of symbols


•  Have adhesive backs for easy application


•  Keep productivity up in a small or high volume operation by ease of use


AL-AWARE® labels will provide a lasting impression that will help recognize a serious risk in today's Food Manufacturing Environment.

A Simple Solution to the risk in today's Food Manufacturing Environment.

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